Adult Seido Karate

Now offering classes at the High Ridge YMCA

Adults join Seido karate for diverse reasons.  Some are looking to get back in shape, for stress relief, self-defense, others for discipline, and some are seeking a new 'do'- the way.  All are welcome at Seido Juku where training is for the mind, body, and spirit.

Karate training is a great way to improve physical conditioning, expand flexibility, increase strength and learn to move ones body and mind efficiently through space.  Furthermore, karate training instills increased awareness and self-confidence to recognize and avoid situations, and to interrupt and protect oneself from violence.

At its roots karate is a self-defense practice.  Students learn kihon-basic strikes, kicks, blocks, strategies and combinations that are applied to specific situations.  Kata-forms and kumite-sparring complete the basic nature of training in Seido.  Second class offerings like Seido fitness and special seminars in tameshiwari-breaking and bunkai-application of technique enhance adult students experience.

Stillness of the Mind and a 'Non-quitting spirit' are fostered through sincere practice of Seido karate.  In fact the definition of Seido-sincere way, is made up of Sei-calm or silent and Do-way or action.

As founder Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura says," If one practices sincerely, in time, these benefits flow almost automatically, without conscious effort…They can each or together be reasons for beginning, but if they become the reason for practicing, our practice will become stale after some time." (Technique and Spirit)

Beginner students are taught kihon-basics in mixed rank classes.

Monday and Thursday

8:15 - 9:15 pm

Once students have taken 15 classes they may take additional adult classes (TBD) covering more advanced material at each rank including kata-forms, kumite- sparring, and Self-Defenses.