Seido Juku Karate Edgewater

Who is Seido Juku?

Classes have begun at High Ridge YMCA, Registration is ongoing for all programs,
Senpai Joshua Keesecker is excited to bring Seido Karate to the High Ridge YMCA and congratulates all new students.

Seido Juku Karate Edgewater, on the north side of Chicago, promotes respect, discipline, self-confidence, 'non-quitting spirit', self-defense, fitness and emphasizes the importance of service in one's community through traditional Japanese karate training.

What is Seido?

Seido Karate is a traditional Japanese style of karate, formed in 1976 by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura, and headquartered in New York City.  The word Seido means the Sincere Way.  The three fundamental principles are: respect, love, and obedience.  The training is strenuous, spirited, and safe emphasizing a progressive development of strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity no matter the starting level of participants.


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